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Sapiens provides commercial thermal heat loss surveys to make your energy use affordable and sustainable.

We are based near Cardiff, South Wales.

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Helping you to manage your energy consumption

We provide ground-based and aerial thermal surveys to map heat loss from your buildings. Like you, we believe that energy is a precious commodity.

Our aim is to help you understand where heat is being lost, and how it can be conserved.

All our surveys are conducted by accredited PCN thermographers in accordance with ISO Standard 6781. They also meet the requirements for BREEAM certification.

Case study.

Retrofitting a School Estate

More Details

UWC Atlantic College has a large estate of both classroom and living accommodation at its site in the Vale of Glamorgan. As the site has developed, several generations of construction type have been added to the original historic property. Now, through a programme of ongoing refurbishment, the College is looking to improve energy efficiency through retrofit, rebuild, and improvements in usage.

As part of this programme, Sapiens conducted thermal imaging of some representative structures and provided both imaging data and advice for further improvement.

Thermal imagery

Below are some of the key images comparing one of the building types before and after refurbishment and retrofit. We were able to show significant improvements in performance both in the external cladding and glazing.

Internal thermal comfort was also found to be improved enormously through addition of an insulation layer to brick walls.

Overall, the survey showed a significant ROI on the refurbishment costs through future energy savings, and also some further improvements to design and process for subsequent retrofit of similar building types.


College Buildings Retrofit


UWC Atlantic College

What We Did

Thermal evaluation of buildings pre- and post-retrofit

How we work.


We will ask you to provide us with information about the construction, heating systems and occupation of the building.


Guidance will be provided for you to prepare the building optimally for survey, both in temperature and layout.


We will make a comprehensive on-site evaluation of the building’s thermal performance, generally during the hours of darkness.


We will provide a full account of the survey including comprehensive imagery, analysis and recommendations for further investigation.