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There are so many good uses for a thermal imager. And it’s especially exciting when you can solve a mystery.

We were recently contacted by a client who had a bought a house with, shall we say, scant documentation on the heating system. The basics were clear: a condensing boiler and hot water cylinder feeding an underfloor hydronic system. What was not known was the exact extent and configuration of the underfloor system. One room was particularly of interest: a garage with a curiously high ambient temperature. The obvious question was whether underfloor heating had been installed and whether or not it was active. 

The thermal imagery was clear. Heating loops were easily visible running across the room. Moreover, it was possible to identify the direction of flow thanks to the diminishing temperature along the run. This piece of information enabled an isolated to found on the nearby manifold system and the loop taken offline. 

An interesting piece of detective work and potentially significant savings for the bill payer.

As ever, if you need a heat loss investigation, get in touch., 


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